My favorite block

My favorite block
Spinning Snowball block

Friday, September 6, 2013

Quilting a Little, Dreaming a Lot

Log Cabin blocks

It's been so long since I posted to this blog.  I have been quilting,  My problem is I start a lot of projects but never seem to finish them.  I guess I'm the queen of UFO's.  I love to take classes, but if I don't finish it at the class, then I get busy with something else.  The class project sits in its special box with all the other special projects.

 I gave this quilt from the other half of the blocks from the Picture Frame quilt to our new granddaughter, Meagan Renae shortly after her birth in early July 2012.  Her big sister liked it so much, she wanted a quilt of her own.  I let her choose from all the quilt tops I had completed.  Of course, she chose the one I had already promised to one of my former students.  I ended up piecing her a quilt with very similar fabrics and the same pattern:  Split Rail Fence.  Now I have to decide whether I give it to Bekka for Christmas, her birthday, or graduation.  I guess it will depend on when I finish quilting it.

Our grandson, Vic is currently in law school in San Antonio.  His fiance has taken a job teaching in Victoria, where they will be married in January.  It seems like they'll be living apart until he finishes law school, so I decided to make them 2 wedding quilts.  When I texted to ask him their favorite colors, he said his was #382 clear.  He has a great sense of humor, but not very helpful.  Later texts provided better information so I could make a plan.  I thought a Courthouse Square pattern would be good for him, but there is also a block called the Lawyer's Block.  For her, I'm debating either a quilt made from Sarah's Block or a Friendship Album block that guests can sign at the wedding.