My favorite block

My favorite block
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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas is Over

My husband and I took down our outside Christmas decorations this afternoon right on schedule.  Our neighbors are probably happy because the last two years due to bad weather and/or illness our decorations have stayed up for months at a time.  But this year, we worked as a team and got everything taken down, labeled and put away neatly ready for next year.  My husband even put up the Valentines yard ornaments.  What a guy!

Tonight we are going out to eat with another couple after my evening class I teach twice a month is over.  We rarely go out with other couples so this will be a special treat. 

I worked on a UFO last night but actually spent time unsewing.  I just didn't like how the borders looked so I took them all off, and I'm going to start over with them.  It took me awhile to unsew.  I repressed two of the borders and can resew them, but one border I'll have to recut.  I just want it to look good as it is a project for a very special friend.

I missed my afternoon exercise session today.  Taking down the Christmas decorations was probably a good substitute.  Now I just need to remember to eat sensibly when we eat out tonight.

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