My favorite block

My favorite block
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Michael Miller Clubhouse update

I finally got started on my Michael Miller Clubhouse projects this week. I missed the first two meetings because I was teaching Saturday School.  Last month I got all my pieces cut out at the meeting, but didn't have time to sew them as my husband was impatiently waiting to go see a movie. 

This week I cut out the pieces for months 1 and 2.  I chain pieced parts of the bonus for month 1 and the pieces for months 2 and 3.  Then I would take them to school and pin for the next step on my lunch hour.    I finished the Month 1 bonus pillowtop Monday and the center medallian and 4 corner stars from Month 1 on Wednesday.

Today I finished the Month 2 corner squares.  I still need to cut pieces for Months 2 and 3 bonus projects, and quilt the bonus pillow top.  I usually have 15 or 20 minutes before school in the morning too, where I can press a part or chain piece something.  Tonight I sewed the half square triangles for Month 3.


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