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My favorite block
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Somebody Moved My Cheese

I had a principal a few years ago who in an effort to get our faculty to embrace change, read us a book during inservice about mice in a maze trying to find their cheese.  The principal has moved on to bigger and better things but her legacy remains.  Whenever anyone on our campus faces an unanticipated change, we joke about who moved our cheese.  Well this time, my cheese is being moved.

I started my teaching career 23 years ago teaching kindergarten.  After teaching for 3 years, I decided to get my Masters degree in early childhood so I would be a better kindergarten teacher.  I was two classes away from finishing when my then principal decided to move me to 1st grade.

I did not want to change grades, but once there I LOVED teaching first grade.  First graders could already tie their shoes, knew how to go to the bathroom, and were so able to be challenged.  I happily taught first grade for 13 years before beginning to feel burnt out.

Just in time, a new challenge came when I was asked to teach a computer program to both Kg and 1st grade.  It's been a very busy and challenging position, but with no papers to grade or lesson plans to do, I finally had spare time to begin my life-long dream of learning to make quilts.  Then, as the result of budget cuts, my cheese has been moved again.

Next year, my 24th, I will begin a new journey as a Pre-K teacher.  My first reaction, was NO!!!!  I didn't want to have to bend over that far, sit in those itty bitty chairs again, and I gave all my Kg. teaching materials away.  But 10 minutes later, all the positives came flooding to my brain.  I still will have no papers to grade or standardized testing to do, my fellow Pre-K teachers are the sweetest women in the world, I will have a bathroom in my classroom, and four-year olds are still sweet, loving and eager to learn.  And............. I'll still have spare time after school to quilt.

But what really convinced me that this is God's plan for me, was when I looked on the back of the teaching materials that a retiring teacher friend gave to me.  She was the teacher across the hall from me when I started teaching Kg., my next-door neighbor my last year in Kg., and has remained a close friend ever since.  On the back of most of the posters, books, games, etc. that she gave me, is written my name, in my handwriting.  Life really is a circle of love.

So, somebody moved my cheese.  But I'll find it in August, and with it a rediscovery of the joy of teaching.

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