My favorite block

My favorite block
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Monday, November 26, 2012

Thoughts on life

Why did car manufacturers move the bright/dim headlight switch off the floor?  If they had to move it to the steering column, couldn't they at least have put it in a standard place?  My husband and I have cars from the same auto maker, yet the switch for the headlights is in a different place in both cars.

Why do people think it's effective to use a leaf blower to blow the grass clippings and leaves out of their own yard and onto the street or into a neighbor's yard?  Don't they get it that God is just going to send a wind to blow them right back in their yard.  Further, why can't they rake them up, it's much quieter.  Does anyone else get annoyed when they are woken up early Sunday morning (the only day I can sleep in) by a loud leaf blower?

And the most important question, Why don't I go to bed at a reasonable hour at night?

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